What You Need to Know Before Buying a Boat ?

The points to consider when buying a boat either new or second hand…

  • Are the boat certificates complete?
  • Built year, place and brand
  • Engine brand, model, total engine operating hour.
  • Is navigation equipment available?
  • Is the necessary essential safety on board equipment available? (Life vest, fire extinguisher, etc.)
  • Is the well deck wide enough? One spends most of their time in the well deck section of the boat. So, the availability of a well deck to meet our expectations is essential.
  • Have you determined where to tie your boat up?
  • Are the engine and boat compatible? Has an engine with horse power suitable for the boat been installed?
  • What are the cruising speed and fuel consumption of the boat?
  • Yacht deck and assemblies, electrical system, engine, battery, fuel tanks, bilge, interior covering, floorings and coverings, yacht hull section, propellers, shafts, tail adjustment, sails, rudder, bottom and other operational control sections are the points to check when buying a boat or yacht.