Why Use a Yacht Broker?

Why Use a Yacht Dealer or Broker?

There are so many reasons to utilize the services offered by a dealer/broker when selling or buying a yacht.

Services offered by yacht sellers over time

Professional yacht sellers can obtain better results in a short time when buying/selling yachts. In addition to their proficiency in yachts, yacht sellers add new services covering all aspects of yacht buying/selling day by day. Dealers know what buyers are looking for and guide sellers in making their yachts more attractive to potential customers.

You can determine the best price for your yacht with a yacht dealer

An experienced yacht dealer knows the best price for a specific yacht. Overpricing pushes the interested parties away, while underpricing may mean that you lose money in your deal. Yacht dealers are professionals who contact both buyers and sellers in the sector during the day and share the information ‘they experienced’ with the customers.

Yacht dealers have excellent bargaining skills

Yacht dealers broker between yacht buyers and sellers and do not ‘emotionally bond’ with the yacht. These persons are professional dealers who bargain to get the best value and accessible price in the market on behalf of their customers.

Yacht dealers enable advertising

Yacht dealers can get better prices than advertisers thanks to their trading volume. They know how they can provide the maximum continuous visibility for your yacht.

You can get benefit from the yacht dealers’ network

Yacht dealers can sign joint agency agreements with other dealers to increase the options for yacht buyers. Yacht dealers can try to find yachts of other dealers if they cannot find any yacht suitable for the buyers who will get service from them. Furthermore, it does not mean that a higher commission should be paid if a yacht is sold by a joint agency. Yacht dealers share the commission that you initially agreed to pay.

Yacht dealers have a database of ready-to-buy customers

Most yacht dealers have a database of customers who are potential buyers. Utilizing the services of yacht dealers meets the buyers and sellers in a short time and finalizes the deal by saving time.

Yacht dealers save time

Your time is valuable. Professional yacht dealers have the time and resources to manage your deal in all aspects. Yacht dealers are always ready to answer questions and organize yacht inspections in a short time. Yacht dealers also do researches and any kinds of arrangements for sea trials.

Yacht dealers have legal know-how

Managing the legal aspects of a sales agreement is an essential part of each deal. Professional yacht dealers know all the legal aspects of a deal, such as the bidding process, obligations, special conditions, transfer of ownership, and operate an escrow account to hold deposits.