Your Personal Assistant

Let your Personal Assistant plan everything about your boat. The services that will be offered by your personal assistant are as follow.

1- Personnel recruitment, being the only interlocutor for the personnel, approaching and finalizing the problems that may arise in a solution-oriented manner,
2- Being the only interlocutor for your behalf in all issues by directing professional teams for any maintenance and repairs that your boat needs,
3- Tracking all documentation of your boat and providing you with the timely information flow,
4- Working with professional captains and organizing the transfer of your boat abroad or in the country when necessary,
5- Reporting all the payment related to your boat quarterly,
6- Before entering the new year, setting an estimated expenditure budget for the next year and representing it to you in the form of a report,
7- Ensuring that you have a pleasant holiday by negotiating professional cooks and hostesses if you prefer,
8- Being available all the time for you to reach anytime you have a problem during cruising and organizing everything,
9- Tracking your insurance policy closely and finalizing it in case of any problem,
10- Following any issues closely by visiting the boat, when necessary;
11- Visiting the boat to check the boat arrangement periodically during wintering,
12- When you decide to sell your boat, they will direct you to the sales department and continue your consultancy until the moment of sale.